Advanced Scheduling

The site administrator or doctor may create and manage advanced schedules, create working time slots for each day of the week, define time off etc.

Responsive Template

Tested on iPad, Android & Samsung. It's a responsive world now, your site must adapt.

Doctor Profile Pages

This script allows doctors to register and select appropriate membership plan with different features. Patients can view doctor profiles before booking appointments.

Powerful Doctor and Patient Panels

Both Doctor and Patient panel allows manage profiles and appointments. Doctores may purchase membership plans with different features.

Real-Time Appointments

The script allow to perform a real-time appointments. Appointments statistics are available from the administrator panel. Supports major payment processing solutions.

Multi-Language Support

The script supports unlimited number of languages with possibility for translation from Admin Panel. Both LTR & RTL languages are supported.



  • Can browse through doctors profile and read their specialty information
  • Can search for doctor according to specialty, name and location
  • View doctors profile pages with their information
  • Can choose and book an appointment at the flexible time and date
  • Can cancel an appointment through their own user page
  • View history of old appointments
  • Add/Change personal information
  • Signup/Login
  • etc.


  • Patients have their own profile page
  • Can edit their own information after login in to their profile area
  • Can manage their schedules
  • Can cancel appointment through their own panel
  • Patients can register on the site
  • etc.


  • Doctors have their own profile page
  • Can edit their own information after login in to their profile area
  • Can edit their schedules
  • Can edit their available hours for a specific date
  • Can confirm or decline an appointment through their own panel
  • Can book membership plans with different feature
  • Google Maps integration on the profile page
  • Doctors can register at the site and show their interest to become members
  • etc.


  • Manage doctor specializations
  • Manage doctors and their addresses
  • Manage doctors schedules
  • Manage doctors time offs
  • Manage orders, appointments
  • View Appointments statistics
  • Manage patients
  • etc.
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